Grammar Videos

In these video clips Martin and some friends explain and demonstrate some of the more challenging parts of Chinese grammar.  Below are links to the video clips on Baidu drive.  These should be easily accessible in China.

If you are not in China and would like to access these videos on a Youtube Channel then please go to:

Lesson 3 - Omitting “shi”

Lesson 5 - Adverbs preceding Adjectives (SV)

Lesson 10 - “Neng", “Keyi” and “Hui”

Lesson 15 - Completed Action “le”

Lesson 32 - Resultative Verbs

Lesson 38 - “Zai” and “Zhe”

Lesson 43 - “ba”

Lesson 50 - “Cai”, “Zai” and “Jiu”

Lesson 56 - “Yidianr”

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